Wallstickers gets more and more popular


We have all seen the sudden quotes, text and funny animals on the walls of our friends and families houses. Wallstickers are popping up everywhere these days, and the trend just keeps coming up with new unique ideas for how we can decorate our walls in our homes. We went online looking for places to find some of the most interesting types of Wallstickers. We stopped by the shop www.rosen-lund.dk and found a wide selection of beautiful decoration for your house and rooms. All kinds of quotes, flowers, animals, figures and so on. The owner of the shop is also creating these stickers herself and is really creative about it. So if you are looking for something to make your home look more unique and trendy now you know where to find the internets best online store.

Not to worry about presents for your mother!

Have you ever had trouble finding the right gifts for your mother or grandparents? And had trouble just figuring out what to get them for their birthday or holidays?

Well, us at Gold Rush Surf discussed the issue because it often is so annoying and time consuming, when our friend Joe came up to us and asked if we hadn’t heard of Valborgs Entré!? None of us had, but it turns out that this place has all kinds of really nice items for the house and garden.

Joe told us that everything he and his wife gives to their parents comes from there, and they love it, especially all the french and danish “brugskunst” items. The best thing he told us, is that you can order online and call up the owner directly, she’ll tell you all you want to know about the items, she even gives great ideas of what to get.

So this is our tip of the day to you guys out there. Take care and now worry less about getting your parents presents!

Jannik the Jewelry designer

Jannik Olander

Nialaya is a Danish brand based in Hollywood, And the brand is formed by a Danish jewelry designer named Jannik Olander. Nialaya Jewelry is a brand with a unique story. Jannik met a Shaman while traveling in India and Asia. Jannik has before that been working with Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger etc. And that is where he started getting talent for luxurious design. Jannik seat among all the famous people in Hollywood, but the brand jewelry Nialaya is the result of inspirations and perceptions, from travelling around the world – Nialaya is inspired by the culture and life in India and Thailand and in Bali.

Cool and Functional Glass Design


A few months ago my wife and I traveled around Europe. We always wanted to see the nordic countries because of our interest in their rich history. Scandinavia truly is an amazing place and they have very nice culture of making handmade artifacts like they do in glass, in Danish it is called “glaskunst“, which is made with a lot of patience and the results are unique, one of a kind pieces. My wife loved this a lot, so we ended up bringing home 3 decorative bowls, for the dining table. We really recommend visiting www.lillis.dk, their store is a true experience.


Sexy lingerie online!

Catsuit and Chemise

Us at Gold Rush Surf likes anything relating to sexy things and glamour, we know our readers does too. So we wanted to give you all a little hint, we’ve found the best webshop for buying sexy lingerie for the misses or girlfriend. If you check out www.hotshoplingeri.dk, you will see that, among other things, they have the hottest catsuit and a chemise that will make any man go crazy.

It was actually one of our editors girlfriend who told us about the site, she said her and her girlfriends shop there all the time. Our editor was blushing when he confirmed the statement as well.

Dating with another culture

Thai Love

So Thailand’s largest dating site report that everyday they have love stories involving Thai singles men from all over the world. What makes ThaiLoveSeek.com so satisfying is that you can meet Thai women from the culture of Thai that really want to meet you! Their site offers you a secure environment with monitoring support so you know that the people you are talking to are genuinely interested in meeting you, making friends and developing a relationship or marriage.This is what has made ThaiLoveSeek the perfect place to find Thai Love online.

Cool and unique Bracelets Accessories


It seems the new fashion within Los Angeles California, is Handcrafted and scandinavian designed jewelry and accessories. When surfing on the net  for designer jewelries it is easy to bump into several Designers that offers a great selection of nice and classy accessories for Men and women. For example there is Ebb and flow jewelry that offers unisex Designer Bracelets for a decent price and with unique and alternative mix of materials. Every Bracelet is designed to fit in to your personal style and fits both Men and Women.

Get yourself a new coffee wagon

Gold Rush was lucky to get i hand of a new designed and advanced Coffe wagon thats brings out the best brazillian coffee ever. The wagons does not need any help from electricity or water supply and is fully functional at this point. If you could use such a thing please contact us and let us know.

Great jewelry offer

This is it! We got the perfect deal with one of the most successful jewelry shops in Hollywood. We got Jannik Olander from Nialaya jewelry in our network. We have the Mens bracelets collection ready for you. View the handmade and handcrafted bracelets online now. This deal will give you 50% off all prices if you buy now!..