The Brand behind Gant Watches

Gant is a world-well known watch brand which creates watches, wear and foot-wear and diverse decorates. Company’s history began in 1914, when foreigner Bernard Gant saw America. Bernard was a tailor and began his profession from collars making. In a sewing workshop hello met his future wife, who was specific on catches sewing and catch gaps making. Their cooperation was a starting of family connections, as well as of a business.



In 1941 Bernard moved to New Heaven, Connecticut. There he together with his cousin opened an assembling where they were making shirts. They were teaming up which such a well known and famous organizations as Brooks Brothers, Manhattan Shirts, J.Press.

The insurance of high caliber of their generation, discharged by Gant siblings was letter “G” weaved toward the edges of mid-section pockets of the shirts they created. Rather than an exchange imprint’s name, clients were situated just by this letter “G” which turned into an image of a high caliber and uniqueness of their generation discharged by Gant siblings. Time passed and Bernard’s children – Eliot ans Mattie joined to family business. A very much created business step by step lead to making of own image. In 1949 Gant siblings brand was enrolled. The things created were the same: splendidly made male shirts, which origination later lost their common thoughts and was changer fundamentally.


Various categories of Gant brand:

Gant organization got to be well known for its unique shirts which had a specific crease and buttonhole on the back. Yet, the fundamental advancement of shirts configuration got to be collars which were joining to a shirt by a few catches. This new style began another time of male shirts, it was called “traditional” which is thought to be works of art today.

Amidst 60-s Gant organization turned into the hugest maker of male shirts.

It is likewise ought to be mentionned that since 1967 Gant organization had various proprietors. At the outset of 80-s Swedish brand Pyramid Sportswear purchased the permit which bear to outline and discharge own arrangement of garments. Likewise it let to appropriate Gant creation all around the globe. In a brief time frame the brand could accomplish World acknowledgment and Gant accumulations, which contained shirts as well as garments for men, ladies and even youngsters, foot-wear and diverse decorates. It additionally ought to be specified that a striking occasion for Gant organization was an arrival of female garments in 2004.

in 2008 renowned Swiss organization Maus Frères purchased Gant brand delivering just male garments. A consideration towards female garments was payed just in the first place of XXI century. Prevalence and distinction came to Gant organization when the first accumulation for excellent women showed .

These days Gant organization produces garments for men, ladies, footwear and adorns of high caliber. Gant creation is displayed more than in 70 nations all around the globe. Gant has spared an interesting soul of flexibility and beyond any doubt it is starving for American dream – it is that very thing that Bernard Gant encased in his time into the thought if own business.


Gant watches in detail:

Watches are at an exceptional position in every one of the accumulations of Gant brand. Watches are the impressions of conventions, traditions dreams of originators and their imagination. Watches made by Gant turned into a flawless supplementation for some devotees of Gant brand who need to pay consideration on once modern taste and magnificence.

Cases made of stainless steel: squared, round, rectangular can make a flawless achievement to a work of art or a game wear. Dials shaded contrastingly are supplied with three hands and an opening of date set by some hour marks. Certified cowhide straps improve watch models wich are supplied with quartz development.

In the no so distant past Gant organization discharged a unique model, composed in an association with celebrated American architect Michael Bastian, who cooperates with numerous well known and prominent organizations. Thus there came an item – a great watch of constrained release.

Cases are made of stainless steel, dials are shaded in light olive hues. Arabic numerals and hands are made in light hues which add truly unique look to all watch models. A little gap of date is situated close to the our imprint “3 o’clock” and on the base of the dial there is a sign «Limited Edition» and a sign this watch model is waterproof. A unique curiosity is supplied with a bona fide calfskin strap, which can be substituted by two additional straps.

The watches are popular in many countries, but especially in Norway, where they refer to them as “gant klokker”, the brand has significant social value.

The watch has a Japanese development Miyota.

Firsts models of Gant watch can emphasize a splendid picture of the proprietor. Anybody can buy Gant watch at the page or the authorities merchandise.