Not to worry about presents for your mother!

Have you ever had trouble finding the right gifts for your mother or grandparents? And had trouble just figuring out what to get them for their birthday or holidays?

Well, us at Gold Rush Surf discussed the issue because it often is so annoying and time consuming, when our friend Joe came up to us and asked if we hadn’t heard of Valborgs Entré!? None of us had, but it turns out that this place has all kinds of really nice items for the house and garden.

Joe told us that everything he and his wife gives to their parents comes from there, and they love it, especially all the french and danish “brugskunst” items. The best thing he told us, is that you can order online and call up the owner directly, she’ll tell you all you want to know about the items, she even gives great ideas of what to get.

So this is our tip of the day to you guys out there. Take care and now worry less about getting your parents presents!