The Lovetuner – Mindfullness tool with 528 hz love tone

Today, our lives are hectic, and it is normal for us to experience mindfulness. The Lovetuner is similar to a mini-meditation for individuals on the move. The pendant presents a single-tone flute which produces the ‘frequency of love’ when it is played. It reduces stress and brings you to the current moment. For busy mindfulness practitioners, it is a must-have. You can use it anywhere and anytime to harmonize and align your physical and emotional state with your environment, especially in chaotic times.

Describing the Lovetuner

The designer Sigmar Berg co-created the Lovetuner in California with Tom Rohner, a spiritual lightworker. The Lovetuner describes a straightforward but potent tool to support your mindfulness or meditation practice. The pendant describes a single-tone flute with produces what is known as the ‘frequency of love’ when it is played. It lowers pressure and shifts you to the current moment. The sound has a great effect on our bodies and minds and this tone, also known as the ‘miracle note’ has a robust peace-invoking impact. Compared to maintaining the ‘Om’ vibration, the Lovetuner promotes peace and decreases stress. Allow life to come into your life by harmonizing your body and mind with the world you live in.

The Lovetuner is Deepak Chopra’s preferred meditation practice. It encourages breathing deeply to raise lung capacity and shift you to the current moment. Attempt 10-20 rounds of breathing to get peace and rest and increase your awareness. Use your Lovetuner many times according to your desire to get inner peace. It will remind you of the loving energy near you.

Great benefits of the Lovetuner
Let the Lovetuner become part of your day-to-day life to:

  • Decrease muscle tension and stress.
  • Raise concentration and lung capacity.
  • Make your immune system strong.
  • Discover inner calm, love resonating around you and the current moment.

The Lovetuner does not just give you the primary tool for your mindfulness or meditation practice, but it is a lovely addition to any
attire. Move deep into stillness and go through your day connected to a frequency of calm using the Lovetuner! This tool is ideal for all ages to let go of stress and practice mindfulness. It is terrific for kids and if you want to get a deep, resonating effect, use it in groups. It is available on a ball chain of 16”which can be changed easily if you prefer a different chain.

How Tuning Works
Tuning describes a very straightforward and simple method to practice mindfulness through deep breathing exercise. It links your breath with
an audible sound of low volume with a 528Hz frequency, also called the Love frequency. When many people play it together, they experience a sense of unity and equality. The Lovetuner movement began in California. Classes for Lovetuner are provided in yoga studios; here; individuals can practice
the 528Hz in customized yoga and breathing exercises. The Lovetuner costs $58.00 and is found in yoga studios, health stores, concept stores, and fashion stores. You can also get it online at