When is the surf week?
The surf week is from Sunday 12 AM to Saturday midnight EST
When Can I Withdraw Earnings From Gold Rush Surf
Rebates are distributed on the 5th of each month. Earnings can be withdrawn on the 11th or 12th of each month. Any Earnings not withdrawn will be automatically rolled over on the 13th. Goldrush surf’s 1st rebate will be posted Jan.5th/10

1.) How easy is it to join Gold Rush Surf?
Extremely! There are no lengthy forms to complete, no complicated instructions and through the power of automation you don’t even have to wait for your account to be approved!

2.) There are other programs that pay more than Gold Rush Surf. Why should I join Gold Rush Surf?
Gold Rush Surf is not a typical revenue sharing program. It is an advertising traffic exchange business that shares profits with its pro members from 100% outside income. Other programs that base their revenue sharing on continual recruiting and advertising purchases are destined to fail after the initial launch promotion settles down. Gold Rush Surf diverts its advertising purchases into several outside revenue-producing vehicles that generate income month after month without depleting the capital. GRS was created to pay rebates indefinitely like a mutual fund does. Gold Rush Surf does not expire adpacks. As long as the outside income is being created GRS will pay rebates. Would you rather be paid high rebates for a few months or would you rather have rebates you can depend on for years?

3.) How can I contact you?
Our contact information can be found in the members are “support” link.

4.) Can I use the graphics on your site to promote Gold Rush Surf elsewhere?
Take what you like just as long as it is for mutually beneficial purposes.

5.) What kind of websites do you allow? Do you allow adult content?
NO ADULT CONTENT. NO HATE, NO WAREZ, NOTHING ILLEGAL, NOTHING ILLICIT, NOTHING IMMORAL, NO BANNER FARMS, NO FRAME BUSTERS, NO POPUPS. It’s common sense stuff really, but for the record we’re here to promote legitimate websites only. Typically our members promote online businesses, businesses tools and business events. As long as these meet with the above guidelines and don’t offend anyone then that’s fine by us.

6.) Do you allow the use of languages other than English?
A page must not use less than 90% English otherwise it may be paused or removed from the system.

7.) What are your terms and conditions?
Like most Traffic Exchanges we have strict rules to protect our members from cheating. We employ methods to detect cheating and will suspend any accounts that fail to abide by our rules. Click here for our Terms and Conditions.

8.) Is it free to join Gold Rush?
Yes, you can join as free affiliate, you are not required to pay anything now or in the future

9.) Can I create my own Gold Rush marketing material such as banners and text ads?
Please use the banners and text ads provided by Gold Rush which you find by selecting “Down line” inside the back office. In case you prefer to create your own marketing material, please ensure that it is approved by Gold Rush in advance otherwise you risk having your account terminated without warning.

10.) Do Gold Rush affiliates earn money?
Yes. Free and Pro Affiliates can earn money by referring others to GRS, 10% on 1st level referral purchases, 5% on referral rollover purchases.

11.) What is your refund policy?
All payments are final and no refunds are given. We strongly advise you to study the website and talk to the person that referred you to Gold Rush before upgrading.

12.) I like to participate in your Profit Sharing, what is required?
Join free and purchase an advertising package that fits your budget to participate in Gold Rush Profit Sharing. Place at least one website in rotation and view the required number of web pages each month (300).

13.) Is Gold Rush an investment scheme?
Gold Rush is not an investment scheme. By purchasing advertising, members are invited to share in the profits as a bonus. Gold Rush Profit Sharing can help its affiliates not only recover what they pay for advertising but also makes it possible to earn back many times what they have paid.

14.) Can I be sure not to lose money with Gold Rush?
Nothing is guaranteed. However we do expect that our Profit Sharing will create positive results for its affiliates both short and long term.

15.) Do I need to view websites every day to qualify for rebates?
No, the Profit Sharing is based on affiliates viewing the required number of web pages (100) every week, Monday through Sunday. The days you view are up to you.

16.) Can Gold Rush replace my regular income?
Over 95% of the people that try to make a living on the internet fail! Always think long term and do not let your motivation be desperation. Gold Rush Surf has not been set up to replace your regular income and we encourage you to study how it works before participating.

17.) If I cannot view the required number of websites what then?
You have to view the required of websites (300 per month) to participate in 100% of the rebates. If you surf 250 – 299 pages in the month your rebate will be 75%. If you surf 150 – 249 pages your rebate will be 50%. If you surf 100 – 149 pages your rebate will be 25% of the total. Surf 1 – 99 pages in the month your rebate will be 10% and if you do not surf any pages, your rebate is 0%.

18.) What kind of return does Gold Rush Surf offer me?
Gold Rush does not offer you any kind of return as Gold Rush is not an investment program. Gold Rush offers participation in its Profit Sharing, sharing part of its revenue with those participating pro members. You are advised to NOT upgrade until you understand the difference between investment plan and profit sharing.

19.) What kind of advertising does Gold Rush Surf offer?
We offer website advertising, banner advertising, text ad advertising, sponsor advertising, paid emails as well as solo emails.

20.) How many accounts can I have?
You are only allowed one account and 2 accounts per IP/household, where the second account must be sponsored Gold Rush Surf. We track IP addresses to prevent cheating.

21.) What payment processors do you accept?
We presently accept AlertPay, Solid Trust, Liberty Reserve and StrictPay. Other payment options may be added so please check back on a regular basis.

22.) Is my account upgraded manually or automatically?
Payments (upgrades) are processed manually. Please allow 24 hours for upgrades to be posted. If you experience a problem, submit a support ticket so we can investigate.

23.) How quickly do you process payout requests?
Rebates will be posted on the 5th of every month. Cash outs will be processed on the 10’th of every month and the cash out button will be live for 48 hours. The cash out minimum $10.00.

24.) Why do I have to wait at least 30 days for my first withdrawal?
We actually take the money received from purchases of advertising and use it in outside financial markets. This process takes at least 30 days from beginning to end.

25.) How is profit sharing calculated?
On the 5’th day of each month profit from the previous month is calculated. 85% of the monthly profit is then shared by the participating Pro Members. The affiliate is then paid based on the number of active nuggets held and the viewing requirements being met – 100 sites per week minimum. Rebates can be as high as 15% per month indefinitely since ad packages do not expire.

26.) Does Gold Rush Surf have a “hit and run” clause?
No! Gold Rush Surf does not penalize members for withdrawing their earnings. We believe you should have access to your money. Your rebates are yours to cash out completely or rollover or a combination of the two.

27.) How long is Gold Rush going to be around?
Our long-term business concept has been developed to insure stability so we can stay in business for many years to come.

28.) What happens to my money after I have paid?
This question is based on a genuine misunderstanding relating investing to Gold Rush Surf. Gold Rush Surf is not an investment opportunity.. In return for your advertising purchase, you receive a number of benefits from Gold Rush Surf including various advertising (see #19) and participation in the Gold Rush Profit Share.

29.) How about taxes?
If you earn money as a Gold Rush Surf member and/or affiliate, it is your responsibility to report your earnings to the appropriate tax authorities. You should consult your financial advisor if you have any questions.