Dining in Nyhavn Copenhagen, and Denmark, try the famous Danish Smorrebrod

Consider as cleanest metropolitan cities, Copenhagen is one of the most popular cities in Europe. Nyhavn or New Port of Copenhagen was built 300 years ago to promote trading. This path allows trade shippers to directly deliver their cargo in the inner parts of Copenhagen. Nyhavn  extends  all-long to King Square and due to the establishment of Nyhavn New Port, Copenhagen is developed so much. From eating famous dish Danish Smorrebord to tourist attraction, Nyhavn is considered as a central attraction point of Copenhagen. Let you guys know that if you want to try some delicious and luxurious restaurants in Copenhagen, then you must go to some of the listed restaurants as well. You must enjoy the special atmosphere of these restaurants. These restaurants are the perfect place for business people, tourists and Copenhageners as well.

So here we the list of the most inspired  and traditions restaurants in Copenhagen Nyhavn and these restaurants also serves the best Danish Smorrebrod as well:

Restaurant Skipperkroen

This restaurant is one of the finest places to eat lunch in Copenhagen. It offers a large variety of Danish Smorrebrod and fish as well. It has been leading Smorrebrod and fish restaurant in Copenhagen, Nyhavn for more than 20 years and so on. This exclusive restaurant shows the traditional and historic view of Nyhavn.

The best thing of this restaurant is that it also includes an open courtyard which features an international menu. This courtyard also serves a huge variety of Danish specialities as well.

Nyhavn 17

With a burning red bright color sign, this Ocher Façade was built in the 17th Century. Interior is the mixture of French bistro and old-world bar that makes it colorful and brightly color building in the line of Nyhavn canal. From Cesar salad to crispy fish and chips, the menu covers classic and local dishes. Their special dished also includes the very famous Danish Smorrebrod.

Zeleste Restaurant

With modernized classic bistro-style, every aspect of this French restaurant gives an enticing look. From concrete steps to brick ledges, this restaurant gives the vibes of cosmopolitan with marble tables. With an extensive collection of wine, one can found all classic French dishes on the menu including Danish Smorrebrod.


With historic framed photos and separate drink tablets, the inside décor of Hyttefadet is all classic. The inner walls are painted with half cream and half black color and the texture gives a pub feeling. This restaurant is famous for serving traditional Danish lunch and dinner. From hearty burgers to meatballs and from smoked shrimps to herring, the menu covers various mouthwatering dishes.

Damindra Nyhavn

Contemporary black furniture, baldness of white painted walls with the combination of natural tone white floor and small pot plants give this restaurant a perfect look. From Sashimi, sushi rolls, kushiyaki, and tempura, all Japanese cuisine is prepared with freshest Scandinavia ingredients including Danish Smorrebrod.


Gilleleje Nyhavn Restaurant

Located on the other side of the canal, this main modern establishment is offering a healthy, fresh and traditional Danish Smorrebrod menu. With the combination of maritime ornaments, decorative wooden tables, global treasures and fine leather chairs give the vibe of high-quality dining sitting. The fresh interior of the bar offers an extensive range of best beers and snaps.

Cop Horn

With the combination of fresh flowers and white walls, this Nyhavn restaurant is decorated with a red neon sign and rustic light wooden floor. The staff is friendly and creates a relaxed atmosphere in the restaurant. You must try the Danish Smorrebrod of this exclusive and luxury restaurant. From an exclusive range of fish dishes to pancakes, Cop Horn uses Danish organic ingredient in their all dishes.