All that glitters is GOLD!

All that glitters is GOLD!

Yes, you read it correct. All that glitters is gold, when it is coming straight from the exquisite and finely carved stores from Copenhagen! The capital of Denmark provides the finest jewellery. It imbibes in itself the undying fashion, the evergreen taste and the highly revered works of craftsmanship. You can find the best of handmade jewellery, which guarantees to be unique and admirable.

With historic fine jewellery houses and world renowned designers, Copenhagen offers diversity to its buyers. One shall never return empty handed, so is the beauty of each piece!

Some of the glitter modes for you to look out for –

  1. Necklace – Wear the timeless beauty around your neck, and enjoy the admiration and awe. Intricately carved and specially made custom pieces. These vary from traditional heavy ones to the classic sleek ones. Keeping in mind the precious you, they bring the precious necklace, to make you look all the more beautiful.
  1. Rings – The band of love draped lovingly around your finger is the promise of togetherness, so why compromise on the sanctity of it? Get the most beautiful ring for your love, from the famous stores of Copenhagen. For all you know some things last forever, like your love and the rings.
  1. Bracelets – Modern goldsmith techniques blend with traditional craftsmanship to form bracelets that are both innovative and timeless. New and old, unusual material combinations, rock ‘n’ roll and punk are mixed with classic motifs for a look with a personalized and delicate twist. From everyday sleek bangles, to heavily carved vintage ones, there is something for everybody here.
  1. Wedding mania – Wedding is the most celebrated and the most awaited occasion in one’s life. You need nothing less than a high quality craftsmanship and innovation blending with beauty and budget. The deep yet playful approach of Copenhagen, finds it way to its deep rooted jewellery. Make your special day, a lot more special by wearing the jewellery that defines the inner you. Deep reds, prosperous greens, dancing pinks and sparkling blues, match your attire with just what is the best for you. Find custom sets comprising of necklaces, rings, bracelets, nose rings, anklets and a lot more! Jewellery like no other, for you are like no other.
  1. Stone Play – From rubies to sapphires, Copenhagen has it all! From astrology belief to colour choice, you shall get the best of everything. Stones studded in old, diamond and silver adds to your charm. The unusual designs and radiance shines in your eyes as you look at them. Brilliance and shine all over the pieces. These jewellery pieces are one of its kinds.

They say, the way to a man’s heart is though his stomach. Likewise, the way to a woman’s heart is through jewellery. Pamper your wife, your mother, your sister, daughter or better still pamper your own self by presenting beautiful jewellery. And do remember that it glitters more when it’s goldsmith Copenhagen, or as they say in Denmark, “guldsmed københavn”!